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Long Time Coming - Scarlett Parrish 3.5

I adored Leo. He was fabulous. He was brash and crude and oh so yummy. And the sex scenes were HOT.

Piper, however, falls into the TSTL category. At the beginning she is terrified of her ex (BTW his name was Andrew Kincaid. I had a hard time hating the dude because one of my favorite changelings is named Drew Kindcaid:)) but she keeps letting him into her house. And I could have done without the whole Gary thing. She seemed a bit of a tramp.

What bugged me the most was how the author never had her finish a sentence. "I want..." (cue internal dialogue). "I need you to.... (cue internal dialogue). That got real old.

This book did have some of the best quotes I have ever read though. That Leo.

“Christ, woman, I swear like a trooper and I’ve got a huge cock!”

“Ssh, just listen. Don’t try to be the ball-breaker with me. You won’t win. I’m just saying, there’s nothing sexier for a man than a woman who comes so hard her whole body shakes and he was the one who made it happen.”