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Eternal Pleasure (Gods of the Night, Book 1) (Leisure Paranormal Romance) - Nina Bangs I was a little interested to see how Bangs would do with this book considering her Sparkle and Ganymede series is a little more lightheared.

The story line for this book is a group of 11 men who used to have the souls of different dinosaurs are brought forward to the present time to basically save the earth. Each man is given a name after their dinosaur. Sound hokey, but it really ends up working out.

Ty (t-rex) is the hero in this book and Kelly, his driver, is the female. What I liked most about Ty is that he was a beast and didn't really apologize for it. I guess I have read too mnay books lately where the male lead was a tortured soul and blah, blah, blah. This guy knew what he was and was pretty much ok with it. And Kelly was a great female lead. She was funny, down to earth and had a good head on her shoulders. One of my favorite lines from the book is "Hallelujah and pass the bullsh*t." Ah, good line.

Anyway, I will be very interested to see how Bangs plays this out. There are basically nine beings they need to destroy (plus the head guy who is name Zero) before the end of the Mayan calendar. This book was Ty and Kelly (with help) destroying Nine. So if there are 11 good guys (plus Fin, the leader) and only nine bad guys, I am not sure how this is going to work out. Plus Bangs introduced some secondary characters that sound positively yummy.

All in all, very good read. I would recommend it to PNR fans. Big bummer that her website says the next book is due out April 09 and I can't find any other info on this series. Booo.