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Then You Hide - Roxanne St. Claire 3.5. This book is the second in a trilogy, but really one of many in the Bullet Catchers series. Then You Hide is about Wade and Vanessa.

I thought this book was pretty good, but fell a step short of being really good. Wade takes and assignment from Lucy, head of the BC, to find the second or three sisters that were sold in a black market baby operation. Their mother is in jail for a murder she might not have committed and is dying of leukemia. Jack (a fired BC) is looking for the sisters to find out if their bone marrow is compatible with their mom’s.

Wade was the highlight of this book. He is all southern comfort and yumminess. He likes his women to be real ladies that he can “make love” to. He is a former Marine sniper and clam, cool and collected. Vanessa is the reason this book did not get a 4. She is not very easy to like. She never listens and jumps into every situation without thought. She was just a little over the top for me. I did not think she was worthy of Wade and his help.

Wade is looking for Vanessa to take back for testing and Vanessa is looking for a friend. Wade agrees to help Vanessa if she eventually goes back with him. He gives her 3 days to find her friend and then they have to go back. What follows is a frantic search for Vanessa’s friend in which she just annoys me. Eventually they find him and go back to find out she is a match for her mom’s bone marrow transplant.

The next BC story should be real good though. Then You Die looks like it will be about Lucy and Jack. From what we learn in this story, they have a bit of history, but Jack is pretty much hated in the BC organization because of something he did in the past. It comes out in Sept and I can’t wait!