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Bound - Sasha White Bound is the third book in a series by Sasha White, but technically the first one in the series. I managed to read them completely out of order. The real order is:

Bound is about Joe and Katie. Katie lives in a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business. She is determined to make enough money to leave and move to a big city. Both her and Joe work at a local casino- Katie as a cash manager, Joe as head of security. Katie does something crazy and her and Joe end up hooking up. Katie finds herself falling for Joe because with him she can just let everything go and he is in control (if you know what I mean ).

I really liked this book and this whole series. It is loosely based on a sex club called “The Dungeon”. The thing I have enjoyed about White’s writing is these 3 books have been completely different. Some writers you know their style after reading a couple books, not so with White. Different each time.

There are 3 reasons why this book did not get 5 stars for me. It shows you how much I really like this book to have 3 things I did not like, yet I still gave it 4 stars. Here they are:

1.It was done in the first person. It was done well, however I never got any emotions from Joe. Think of how it would have been if you had not heard anything from Bastien in “Black Ice”. Well that was almost Joe. Very controlled and cold, and I never heard his perspective.
2.At the end of the book Katie moves to Vancouver and hooks up with Karl (male lead in “Wicked”) and they go to the club. I just spent 250 pages reading about Katie and Joe, and now she is with Karl. I was not cool with that, even for the sake of the self-realization she was going through. It was just one scene, but still.
3.In each of White’s books the male lead tells the female that he loves her. But the female waffles and never says it back. The book ends happy and with them together forever, but I really crave those 3 little words, from both parties, in my HEA.