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Bound by Shadow - Anna Windsor 4.5. This is the first book in the “Dark Crescent Sisterhood”. This book is about Riana and Creed. Riana is the head of a group of Sybils. The Sybils are made up of 3 elements-earth, wind and fire (water being an extinct group). Riana represents the earth part. The group of Sybils helps out a section of the police called “The Occult Dept.” Creed is a detective in this dept and as soon as he meets Riana, sparks fly.

The major conflict comes from the fact that Creed has another being that lives inside of him, one that is not so nice. Riana can sense the being and is part of a group that has sworn to destroy them. The whole book is non-stop action and hot other stuff. It is really well written and I can’t wait till the next book comes out. July 29, I believe!

I would compare this to the BDB almost. A group of people fighting against a major evil trying to kill them and take over. Kind of.