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Almost Perfect (Fool's Gold, Book 2) - Susan Mallery Right, so what didn't I like about this book? Well pretty much everything. Ethan was a jackass. Complete and utter jerk. And I don't think he ever redeemed himself. Standing up in front of everyone at the end just wasn't enough.

And then there is Liz. If anyone threatened something to do with my children my first reaction would be to cut off their knees. I would definitely not get tingly in my girl parts when that person came around. The judge tells them to work it out or she will throw them in jail and what does Liz think- oh well I can work from jail but Ethan can't. Um, hello you have 3 children??

Normally, I like Mallery's characters and how they deal with real life problems and seem human. This one just didn't work for me.