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Passion - Lisa Valdez Well. I don't even know what to say about this book. I spent all night thinking about what my review would be. I tossed and turned. How odd is that? I gave it 3 stars but I could have given it 1 or I could have given it 5. I just don't know how to rate a book that had parts that I really disliked and parts that I really liked. I guess a 3 star rating is fair for a book that brought out such emotions on both sides of the spectrum.

The best way I know how to do this is list out all my likes and dislikes. Maybe that will give a hint of the plot enough for someone who wants to know if they should read it?

1. Valdez has a beautiful way with words. She can write the hell out of a sex scene. So descriptive.
2. The emotions this books brings forth. I felt their pain. I was very angry for Mark and the sacrifice he was making. I hated his mom and Abigail. I felt for Charlotte who turned out to be a great character. And Passion, her way of seizing what she wanted, if only for a short time, was admirable.
3. Very good plot. Sometimes I wanted to brush away the sex just to get back to the plot. That is kind of rare for me.
4. Patience, Primrose and Matt. What interesting stories they will have.

1. The word quim. Negative Ghostrider. Make it stop.
2. All the crying. I don't think I have even cried that much in my life. And for Mark to cry so much kind of bugged me. Put on your big boy briefs, buddy. Suck it up.
3. The use of exclamation points. When I read a sentence with an exclamation point it sounds very dramatic, in my head. This story had a ton of them. So there was always overacting and extra emotion. It seemed a tad overdone.
4. The epilogue. Come on, folks. I have nursed 2 kids for a decent amount of time and NEVER EVER did I consider doing THAT during the actual nursing of my kid. Gross and ew. No, thank you. Two compeletely separate acts in my head. Total turnoff.