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Chosen By Blood - Virna DePaul What I liked about this book was a complete departure from how I normally feel. Normally I like the romance and the world building is just a bonnus. I kind of knew from the prologue that I would not like the setup of the H/h relationship. And as the book went on that part just did not get any better for me.

The premise is that humans have been given a vaccine that spoils their blood for vampires. Because of that vampires are starving having to survive on animal blood. Knox is a dhampire, half human, half vampire so he does not need as much pure blood as a normal vampire. He is not as week as all other vampires. Knox is also the head of all the vampires and has to do his duty by marrying another pure blood vampire so they can reproduce. Unfortunately the woman he marries has a human best friend that just so happens to be his mate. Bad for both of them.

The US government forms a group of Others and humans to do some covert operations. Both Knox and Felicia are on the team. Knox's wife had died leaving them free to hook up...but oh wait Knox still plans on marrying another vampire and wants to keep Felicia on the side. He set up the arrangement with the other vampire by telling her that his heart belongs to someone else so their marriage would be for children only.

Now I don't know about you, but I think I would have a real hard time being with someone that was boinking another woman, even if only for children. Not happening. That part of the story never worked for me. I wanted Knox to go up in a ball of flames each time he talked about how wonderful it would be for him and Felicia to "love" each other freely. Yeah, whatever dude.

I did like the world that DePaul has created. The concept of the others and the things that were going on are really what kept me interested in the story. I think I will read the next one if only to find out what happens with the teams that have been created.