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Rough, Raw, and Ready - Lorelei James While I normally enjoy the Rough Riders series, I did not like this book. At all. Generally, I prefer my HEA to be between 2 people however I have read some very good menage HEA's that the author has really written well. Those have worked for me. This one did not.

I felt like Trevor was dishonest and a cheating bastard. If I came upon my husband kissing someone else, whether man, woman or horse, I would be PISSED. That is cheating to me. It doesn't matter what the sex. Chassie just seemed to take it all in stride. Oh, what can I do to keep this man? Accept that he has to bone someone else? Sure why not?

I like a menage relationship where all parties are given a choice, a decision. Chassie had no choice here. This was kind of forced upon her and if she wanted Trevor good old Ed had to come along too.

And the scene where she gave them permission to finally act on their desires- well it made me ill. The fell on each other like two pigs that had been starved of their slop. Like Trevor's wife wasn't just sitting right there. I have to stop thinking about this book. It makes me angry.