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One Night Is Never Enough - Anne Mallory I can see why some people might not like this book. There isn't much light and fluffy about it. The writing is complex and lush. Detailed and descriptive. But I found it to be oh so wonderful.

Roman is such a fascinating hero. He reminds me of Derek Craven. He takes what he wants and does not apologize for it. And he wants to possess Charlotte.

Charlotte is cold, broken and empty inside. Her dad could be the largest ass of a secondary character I have ever read. When she is lost in a poker game to Roman for one night she thinks it is the end of things as she knows them. But oh they are just beginning.

I loved this book. As usual, I stayed up too late because I just had to finish it. There are so many things I was left wondering though. Who is the person Emily was writing too? Who and what is Spade? Who will Andreas be matched up with? Who is his family? Who did Charlotte need protecting from? Did Roman set the who thing with Trant up so Charlotte would be forced to make a choice for him? If so, why didn't he say that in the end? Maybe some of these questions will be answered in Andreas book.