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Night Season - Eileen Wilks 2.5 stars
Cynna and Cullen

So I didn't really care for this book. I like Cynna and Cullen but I like them as secondary characters to Lily and Rule. I can't say that I cared a single bit what their story is. I like having background info on them because it shapes how they are in the overall arc but as far as the future for them, meh.

I was annoyed by the wedding plot. If anyone should be getting married it should be Lily and Rule considering they are mate bonded and it is not like Rule would ever stray. I still have no convincing reason as to why Cullen would not stray. Is loving Cynna really enough to go against a whole lifetime of tradition? I get that Cynna is now like his "clan" and they belong to each other but whatever, he has Nickolai now. That is his clan.

And I found the plot to just be boring. I pushed through the book so I could move on to my next Lily and Rule adventure.