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Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh Honor and Dimitri

Pretty good book. I love Singh's writing of an anti-hero. She makes them so dark yet it is impossible to not love them. The book wasn't 5 stars for me because of the end.

Spoiler ahead*****

So is she Honor or is she Ingrede? I know she said that she was Honor now and Ingrede in a time before. But the end was so abrupt. Conflict over...and I am your dead wife. I just wasn't totally on board with how it ended. I think Singh did a good enough job with having Dimitri fall in love with Honor but even parts of that I question. He was so 100% devoted to Ingrede. His backstory was almost painful to read. I couldn't quite figure out how or why he would have fallen in love with Honor if it had not been for her being Ingrede.

Loved the glimpses of Raphael and Elena. I think I will have to go back and read those books again now. When Raphael said he would take her to Refuge with him because she was his heart.....sigh. Fabulous.

I hope we gets books for the 6 of the Seven. We got small glimpses of each of them and they were very interesting. And pulling Janvier in...I wonder where that will go. But really I just want more Raphael and Elena.