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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Fifty/Christian and Ana

5+++ stars. Top 5 read of 2011

So where to start? I had heard so much about this book. The hype was kind of crazy. I always approach things like this a little wary because surely it can't be as good as what everyone is saying? Well this book was that good and then some.

Ffity is now ranked up there with one my favorite heroes. The depth of his emotional torture is deep. He clearly has the capacity for strong feelings and is able to use them with Ana like he has never been able to do before.

There are so many things I loved about this book:

The emails. Ah when Ana emails Fifty that she doesn't like him because he won't stay with her? And then he shows up and stays with her. Melt. The emails from where she is in GA and she finds out he had dinner with Mrs. Robinson? If you look carefully you can see the time change on his response from PST to EST. Awesome. "Holy fuck. He's here" I just about sunk into my chair on that one.

The contract. The details were pretty amazing. How clever that was.

Their first time. Yes, I have heard it say he was too rough. But crap, I thought it was awesome and hot. It was perfect Fifty because at that time he didn't "make love". Words straight from his mouth.

The sex. Well good grief, what was not to love about those parts?

Fifty. I think I have mentioned him. Ana being a little annoying in her youth is completely overshadowed by Fifty. He warns her. I wanted to curl up in a ball at the end of this book. You could see it coming but I still want to bitch slap Ana. How dare she? Was it a big secret how effed up Fifty was? Not hardly. He changed so much for her and she just took from him. I am not sure I ever saw her give.

This book took me by surprise and it was amazing. Such a journey into a mind like Fifty. I can't say I will be leaving anytime soon!