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Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James Fifty/Christian and Anastasia
Second book in Fifty Shades trilogy

Since Fifty Shades of Grey ended on such an ugly cliffy it took me all of 2 mins to buy this book and start it. There was no way I was going to be left hanging like that!

Darker didn't disappoint. It was similar yet different from Grey. Just like Fifty was similar yet different. He was still the same dominant, overbearing, broken man that he was in Grey yet in Darker he is so much more vulnerable. He has almost admitted his need for Ana and is willing to work on changing or really doing about anything to keep her. I felt that Ana had more of the power in the this one whereas Fifty had the power in Grey.

There were parts of this one that made me so angry. I won't spoil them but let me just say that I wanted to drop kick Ana at one point. To see Fifty brought so low was painful. It was brutal. It was completely unfair to see him face up to all of his fears when it seemed that Ana was going nowhere. From the point of his bday on, I felt like Ana changed some. And that was good. This wasn't only a time for Fifty to grow and change it needed to be one for Ana too. Because if Ana was going to marry someone like Fifty there will be some rough times ahead.

Fifty and Ana are frickin' amazing together. Their chemistry is off the charts. The devotion is poignant. Their willingness to try and give up their pasts for each other is remarkable. I had questions about Fifty changing his lifestyle, his saving grace, for Ana. Those questions were answered clearly and in several ways. Kudos to James for the scene with Mrs. Robinson.

The books could have ended here and I would have been satisfied. There is conflict set up for the third book but frankly I don't care much for it. All I want is more of Fifty, so whatever the conflict I will take it and love it. I hope to see more emails from them. What a clever and fun part to learn things.

First two books of this trilogy are beautifully written and such a joy to read. I recommend these books to anyone that wants a dark and compelling story. I will happily buy the next one (even if I have to wait until January!!)