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Sinful - Charlotte Featherstone Matthew and Jane

For about two thirds of this book I could see why everyone loved it. The character were deep, tortured and well written. The love scenes were lush and detailed. I could see and feel why this book was so popular.

Matthew had suffered childhood abuse from someone who is unnamed (at the beginning of the book). He cannot women to touch him in certain ways. He cannot have someone on top of him and he cannot have sex in a bed, only up against walls. Jane is the one to change this. Jane is his savior in so many ways. She takes his emotional pain and turns it into a great depth of feeling for her. Make no mistake, Matthew is a giant ahole for most of the book. He is not a lovable character. But with Jane he is different. He aspires to be someone she can love.

And then the last third happened. WTH. After spending so many chapters reading about Matthew and Jane's connection, I was shocked by what took place. Matthew married someone else, had a detailed sex scene with his wife and she got pregnant. I felt ill reading the sex between him and his wife. I felt betrayed by the author that a love so fragile as what Matthew had found with Jane was almost debased by reading about him with someone else. I don't care about the reasons that Matthew married the woman. Supposedly it was to protect his "sister". Whatever. Total and utter betrayal on all fronts.

So the first 2/3 of the book would be 4 stars and the last 1/3 would be 1 star. I guess that should put it at 2+ stars for me but because I am so appalled by what happened it would be like 2- stars. I really can see why people like this book but I guess it just wasn't for me.