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The Accidental Courtesan - Cheryl Ann Smith Review on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

Noelle and Gavin

I have always found there to be two different types of historical romance novels. There are the ones that drag emotions from you and create a connection that has you long remembering the book. Then there are light and fluffy historicals that are fun to read in the moment but don’t really leave much of a lasting impression. The Accidental Courtesan falls into the light and fluffy category. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing here; sometimes that is what you need. However, I always like to manage my expectations going into a book.

Lady Noelle Seymour is keeping an eye out on her sister’s courtesan school while she is away. One of the courtesans steals a necklace from an Earl and it is left to Noelle to return it without anyone finding out. Noelle makes the mistake of breaking into the wrong room and comes across Gavin, the Earl’s cousin. Lucky for Noelle, Gavin is drunk and she is able to pretend to be his courtesan until he passes out. No harm is done, necklace is returned and Noelle escapes.

Of course, the story does not end there. Gavin remembers Noelle by her scent and finds her the next day at a ball. He pushes her to become his courtesan even though she is a well bred lady. Even though Noelle tosses out a lot of protests it is clear she is attracted to Gavin. To throw in a little intrigue Gavin is attacked by some footpads demanding to know where the necklace is. Clearly someone else is invested in the missing yet found necklace.

To me, the book was light and fluffy because the characters were presented as light and fluffy. Directly after climbing through an Earl’s window and being caught Noelle decided the best way to recover was retail therapy. Yes, she says that “Spending an enormous amount of money on new gowns would certainly turn her thoughts in a more frivolous direction”. Considering that two chapters later she is really considering becoming Gavin’s courtesan to keep her out of Newgate, the shopping excursion was a bit silly. In fact, most of what Noelle did was silly. She wanted so badly to just sleep with Gavin that she pretty much reasoned everything she did to follow in that direction. However, I don’t think that is how the author wanted it to come across. I think it was supposed to seem like Noelle was in desperate times and was working under desperate measures.

Gavin was just as shallow as Noelle. His main concern was getting her into bed. He was more than willing to get pulled into the intrigue that was the necklace but only to be closer to Noelle. He didn’t really have an angst or real emotional depth.

One thing that made me giggle was the author’s use of the word manly. “Though I appreciate your desire to divest yourself of your virginity on my manly staff….” or “It wouldn’t do to have him think she was so overcome by his manliness…” or “it had nothing to do with her desire to climb atop his manly frame and ride him all night”. I saw that word a lot.

I am constantly on the hunt for a good historical romance novel or author. This was my first book by Cheryl Ann Smith. It didn’t fall into the really good or really bad category. It was just middle of the road. If you are looking for fun and flirty this book and possibly this author would be for you. It was cute and light. However, if you are looking for something to pull more of your emotions in you might want to skip this one. Overall grade would be a C+.

Favorite Quote: “My dearest Noelle, “ he countered, and pulled her closer. “The thugs could be standing at the edge of this dance floor, and I’d still want nothing more than to charm my way into your drawers.”

“You are despicable,” she wheezed, surprised by his frankness….. “Do you ever think of anything but launching a coup against my drawers?”

He shrugged. “I’m afraid not.”