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Enslaved by a Viking - Delilah Devlin Eirik and Fatin 3.5 stars

Enslaved by a Viking is one of those books that you do not read in public. If you do, you are doomed to sit there with a flaming red face and giggle every 3 minutes or so. It is an erotic fantasy book that makes no apologies for what it is! This book was my first experience with Delilah Devlin and I can easily say that I know what I would be getting into if I were to read future books from her.

Eirik, the heir to his kingdom, is kidnapped by Fatin. Fatin is a sex thrall turned bounty hunter trying to earn freedom for her and her sister. Her sister is currently under the control of the whore-mistress (that is really her name; I swear I didn’t make that up). Fatin agrees kidnap a group of men to be brought back to their planet and used for breeding purposes. The men of their home planet are not as virile and cannot reproduce like needed to continue the race. The group of kidnapped must suffer through daily milkings (yes, that is what they call it!) and orgies to try and impregnate the women of the planet.

I know what I wrote just now sounds kind of silly but there was an actual plot going in this book too. Eirik’s brother has sent a group of warriors, including his betrothed, to rescue him. Fatin is trying to free her sister. The men are trying to get their hands on Fatin to hurt her for their capture. And finally Eirik, while fighting the attraction, is still trying to save Fatin and hook up with her.

Enslaved by a Viking has every type of smex you could possibly want. In every form, in every way, in every shape and in every type. I must stress highly that this is erotica. While there is a happy ending, do not expect the normal fidelity you see in a romance book. The men are held captive to be used as breeders and that doesn’t exclude Eirik, our hero, from being used by a lot of women. A lot.

Final grade would be an A+ for the smexin’ and C- for the plot so probably a B- overall.

Favorite quote:

Then she stepped toward him and kissed his forehead and his eyes as the slid shut, then his mouth. “Take this with you, Viking. Into the ring. I love you.”

His eyes opened. His gaze bored into hers.

She gave him a one-sided smile. “Yeah, it’s possible. Even for a whore and a bounty hunter. I have a heart. And it’s yours.”