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I am not sure how well-known Nancy Gideon is. I have previously read four books by her in her Moonlight series. That series features mobster boss/shifter Max and his human mate/cop Charlotte. Max and Charlotte are one of my favorite PNR couples. I will rave to people about them, if they would just listen. When I found out that Gideon was doing a spin-off from her Moonlight series I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive. The last book about Max and Charlotte didn’t end in a place I was 100% happy with. I still felt like there were too many unanswered questions for them. And to top it off, the new series is in the same world with the same characters. How could I possibly read about someone else when really I just want to know more about Max and Charlotte?

Ms. Gideon was about 85% successful with the new series, in my opinion. And the reason I give her such a high random number is because over half of the page time included Max and Charlotte. It was almost like the story really is about Max and Charlotte. The main hero and heroine are Nica and Silas. Both Nica and Silas show up in Bound by Moonlight. Nica rescued Charlotte from four shifters who attacked her in an alley and Silas came upon Nica as she was fighting off the four men. Nica is back in a town where she spent four years as a child. Those four years were with Father Furness, Charlotte and Mary Kate. She left because she needed answers and something was calling to her. Something far stronger than she could control. She ran away from St Bart’s and was taken in at a place that could train her and harness the thing that was inside her. Nica is a rare species. She is a female shifter that can shift. There have only been a handful of them ever known to be alive. She is in town on a special mission that is not revealed until the end of the book.

Silas was allowed into the Terriot clan only because he swore to serve them for the remainder of his days. In return, they were to take his sister and friend into the clan and protect them as their own. In order to restore his family name, Silas has this great plan to kidnap Oliver Babineau, Max’s ward. Oliver is considered the prince of their kind. By returning Max to the Terriot clan Silas believes he will be the new hero and will be given the respect he has long deserved.

Both Silas and Nica are in town with their own agenda. Those agendas cause them to meet up and face and undeniable attraction between each other. Ms. Gideon did a good job of establishing their relationship. However, once all those details are presented to the reader the story veered off into Max and Charlotte land. Since that is what I wanted to read about to begin with, I was pretty happy. But my confusion is why didn’t Ms. Gideon just write about Max and Charlotte and have Silas and Nica be the secondary characters? The book was still pretty good and held my attention like all of her stories do. However, after having four books of the characters I adore I was so emotionally attached to them that I almost didn’t care to read about the main hero and heroine in this one.

Nica and Silas’ story wrapped up nicely at the end. Because of the way it wrapped up we will be seeing a lot of Nica and Silas in the upcoming books. Max and Charlotte still have the ongoing arc. There were some major questions answered in this book about the ending of Bound By Moonlight. Charlotte’s partner, Alain, was as good as dead to me. He had turned betrayer. There are some actions in this book that put me back on the fence with him. He did some good things but is still being set up to be a turncoat. I am not sure how that will fare overall. The big bad guy is someone we saw coming. It is someone who should have paid the price a while ago. I was happy to see that part come to pass but not sure where this will leave things in the business end for Max.

The big question from the end of Bound by Moonlight is answered and boy what an answer. Along with that we learn something new about Charlotte. Both things we learn make me even more frustrated to hear that the next book is about bar owner Jacques and not Max and Charlotte.

So while this book was good, I was still left kind of antsy. Ms. Gideon brings all new people and plots into the mix which will make the overall story arc fresher and longer. I can definitely see why the book was written and I will persevere knowing that it is all in the name of Max and Charlotte. I have not heard how long before we can just get back to what we want to read about though. Hopefully not too long? Final grade- B.

Favorite Quote:

She pushed back so she could openly adore him as she said, “What do you mean I make lousy coffee?”

He blinked, then his grin broke wide. “It’s really awful, but if you make it, I’ll drink it.”

Her eyes brimmed to overflowing. “My hero.”