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What Happens After Dark - Jasmine Haynes Bree and Luke

What Happens After Dark by Jasmine Haynes had a very interesting blurb on the back. The book is about a woman who is forced to give up ultimate control to her Master. She has been holding back and now he wants it all. It sounded like the book was going to be right up my alley. I was kind of excited to read it.

Wrong. So wrong. I had an inkling of what was to come when in the prologue the woman is begging the man to call her all manner of obscene names. Not nice names and in a not nice tone. It wasn’t like she wanted it; it was like she needed to be treated like crap. Master even has thoughts about how sometimes it feels wrong when he calls her these things but since she likes it he does it.

Bree has so many issues that she was a complete turnoff. She is quiet in a scared, abused way. All she does is put herself down and think about what crap she is. She feels that when men look at her they see a dirty person who needs to be punished. And not in the fun sexual way a Dom will punish a sub. I was so turned off by the writing of her character all I wanted to do was find a counselor for her. I most certainly did not want to read about her.

There were several scenes in the book that also disturbed me. Bree’s father is dying of cancer so she has moved in their home to help her mother. Her father is unable to function on his own and refuses to move to hospice. At one point, Bree has to help her father go to the bathroom. Like help as in, unzip his pants and hold/aim his penis to help him get it right. It was the worst scene I think I have read in a romance novel. I know those are strong words but my stomach turned while reading it.

In another scene directly after her father dies Bree escapes to Luke’s house. All he wants to do is comfort her but she wants to be abused. She ends up lying to him and telling him that she slept with two other men the night before. Luke becomes enraged and punishes her. It was such and ugly, emotional scene that I had real difficulties finishing it.

The only thing that redeemed the book was Luke. He tries so hard to get Bree to open up and to form a real relationship with him. He is a stand up, honest guy that would be great if paired up with a semi-normal person.

My final thoughts are that I cannot recommend this book to anyone. It was over the top painful. I require strong emotions in most of my romance novels but not the type of emotion that stems from abusive issues. F.