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To Command and Collar - Cherise Sinclair Raoul and Kimberly

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“The rest of the time, you submit completely to me, ” Master R said. He leaned forward, holding her eyes. “For sex, for clothing, for food and exercise. As we lived before. You are mine.”

I am always on the lookout for a realistic BDSM writer so I was thrilled when I discovered Cherise Sinclair about one year ago. After reading one of her Masters of Shadowlands books I went out and bought all 5 of them.

In book 5, Make Me, Sir, FBI specialist Gabi goes undercover at Club Shadowlands as bait to a human slavers ring . The assignment is very important to Gabi as her friend Kimberly was one of the women taken from a club. Gabi and Marcus are not able to break up the main ring but the FBI does not give up on the search for the rest of the women. Raoul, Master R and a well known Dom, volunteers to go undercover and is invited to attend a small slave auction. To his surprise, Kimberly is one of the slaves that is up for auction.

Kimberly has recently been returned to the Overseer because she tried to kill her last owner. For that she punished and knifed. She barely hung onto her life only surviving because some fellow slaves stitched her up and nursed her back to health. The Overseer has decided she is ready to go back on the market. When Kimberly first sees Master R she vows to do anything to not let him purchase her. He is a big man that is no stranger to hard labor and his body shows it. Kimberly is convinced that he will be the end of her.

Even though Raoul is supposed to turn down buying a slave so that he can have access to the bigger auctions he cannot resist rescuing Kimberly and taking her home. Once they arrive home the FBI somehow manages to talk Kimberly into posing as Raoul’s slave so they can still have an in with the slave traders. This sets up the development of their Dom/sub relationship and the eventual future for Kimberly and Master R.

Ms. Sinclair is simply a master, no pun intended, when it comes to writing BDSM. I am not sure is she practices in real life however, if not, she has done her research. When I read her books I do not feel like I am looking in at a cheesy forced relationship. The men she writes about are dominant, hard, skilled and all knowing when it comes to the women they are topping. And watching each of them fall has been awesome. Even though they each have subs now they still remain dominant and alpha. It is nice to be able to still see each of the couples as they exist in the Shadowlands world.

One thing you can always count on with Ms Sinclair is the creativity of her sex scenes. Sometimes I have to read them two or three times just to wrap my head around the stuff she comes up with. In each book she introduces a new “element” or technique that I have never heard of. In this book Raoul’s specialty is fire play. Master R does several scenes with Kimberly where he uses fire play. It is difficult to describe so I will just so say go read the book! Hopefully you will be in awe like I was.

I don’t want to finish my review without saying this was probably the most emotionally draining book I have read be Ms. Sinclair. Kimberly is a victim of serious abuse and she has an inner strength that I really admired. To survive the things she was subjected to and still be able to be a strong human being on the other end is a pretty amazing. Ms. Sinclair wrote her character beautifully without making her seem like a beaten down victim. The subject of human slavery has been touched upon in several of her latest books but this was the first time we actual read about one of the victims. I think Ms Sinclair did a wonderful job of portraying emotions a person in that situation would experience. At one time Kim thinks, “Dreams die before people do.”. Such a powerful statement and one of great strength.

There are still hints of trainee Sally hooking up with the two FBI agents, Galen and Kouros. If that is the next book, then sign me up. That will be even yummier on top of Ms. Sinclair’s normal talent!

So if you are a fan of BDSM and have not read Cherise Sinclair- go do it! NOW! You will not be disappointed. Final grade- A

Favorite Quote:

Oh my God, just look at him. Water ran down the center of his chest between solid muscles that looked as if they’d been carved from cedar. His soaked shorts sagged on his hips, displaying his ridged abdomen. When he folded his arms, she couldn’t look away from the rock-hard muscles of his biceps. The other men had great build, but Master R looked like a god of war.

And, uh-oh, he looked as angry as one. When his dark eyes focused on her, her laughter died, and her mouth went dry.

“Kimberly. I am displeased.”