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Lothaire - Kresley Cole Elizabeth and Lotharie

What I loved so much about this book wasn't necessarily Lothaire, even though he was pretty awesome. I loved the characters, their interactions, the relationships and their dialogue.

Lothaire and Nix- What a pair. This was my favorite part of the book. I ache for Nix. She has so many balls in the air and it is starting to drain her. I so badly want a HEA for her. To seeLothaire realize everything Nix has done for him was pretty awesome. She gave him his Bride, now what will he give her in return? Her book is going to be difficult and explosive.

I must tell you how much I loved Elizabeth. She has to be one of my favorite heroines of all time. She was strong, manipulative, smart, giving and a perfect match for Lothaire. There were too many lol moments with her to even count.

Someone mentioned in a review how KC stays true to her characters and that is so true. Lothaire is centuries old and cannot possibly change so KC does not change him. He is still brutal and unforgiving. That is and will always be Lothaire. Thank goodness there were no heart and flowers introduced for him. It just wouldn't have worked.

Secondary characters that do not have matches yet: Thad, Hag, Cara, Kristoff, Nix, Furie...who else? How KC juggles so many storylines and not drop any of them? I cannot wait to see who the next book is (Kristoff??) and who everyone's match will be.