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Betrayal - Christina Dodd Noah and Penelope

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Betrayal is the final book in the Bella Terra trilogy by Christina Dodd and it is Noah’s book. After watching two complicated men, Rafe and Eli, find some happiness it is time to close out the story on the Di Luca family, their winery and the town of Bella Terra, by reading about Noah.

Noah is the youngest of the Di Luca brother’s and the one that was always carefree. Carefree, that is, until he came back from a year out in the world. He shares the same father as Rafe and Eli but nobody knows who his mother is. Their movie star father would never tell. He came home only to dump Noah on Nonna and then run off again. But Noah knows who his mother is.

Books one and two of the trilogy tell about the story of THE bottle of wine. On the occasion of a son’s birth a bottle of wine would be given to the family by world-class wine maker, Massimo. 80 years before, two sons from rival families were born and because it was prohibition there was only enough wine for one family. So one family, the Di Luca’s got the bottle of wine and the second family, the Bianchin’s got an antique silver rattle. That bottle of wine created 80 years of feuds especially when it came to light that Massimo has stolen a fortune in pink diamonds and likely hid them in the bottle. But the bottle has been missing for many year. The elder Di Luca suffered from Alzheimer’s and hid the bottle in a place that nobody can find.

Fast forward to present day and Noah’s heritage. Noah’s mother happens to be Russian and wants those diamonds. She has brought her very dangerous family to Bella Terra and is holding Joseph Bianchin hostage for the bottle. She has also threatened Noah’s Di Luca side of the family if she does not get the bottle. Noah is given two weeks and is convinced to wear a collar with a bomb. If he doesn’t find the bottle before the two weeks are up, he will lose his head.

Betrayal is mostly about finishing the story that was started in the first two book. Penelope is Noah’s love interest and is a woman from his past. He loved and left her convinced he would never live a normal life because of a his family connections. Penelope is back in town because she has found out that Joseph Bianchin is likely her father. Noah is not able to let her go this time though. Even if he only has two weeks left he will have his last moment with Penelope.

This book was very angsty- that is the best way I can describe it. Rafe and Eli have found happiness but they are both still angry and grumpy with the situation. Noah is a fatalistic with his life. Penelope has had major death and tragedy in her past year. And then they all still have the threat of the wine bottle hanging over them. I thought the first two book had a lot more lightness to them and this book was the most depressing of the three. I was hoping for a happier story for the youngest Di Luca. There is a happy ending, I mean it is a romance novel, but it took 400 pages of heaviness to finally get to some light times.

I was glad to read the conclusion to this story and if you have read the first two you will definitely want to read this one. I really like Ms. Dodd’s contemporary series and look forward to her next one even if I wasn’t 100% happy with how this one played out. Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

“Civilized?” He nudged his still-strong erection against her. “All I want is to sleep with you, screw you, come with you, come in you, make you mine until you can’t remember any man, and life except me and mine.”

She whimpered, his words creating a brief aftershock of climax.

He waited until she had finished, then said, “So don’t talk to me about civilized. There is nothing civilized about you and me.”