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Because You Must Learn - Beth Kery Ian and Francesca

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Because You Must Learn is the fourth installment of the series and strangely enough, my least favorite so far. When I say least favorite, I mean least favorite like choosing between brownies and ice cream. Clearly there is no wrong pick, but you still have to pick, right?

Because You Haunt Me ended with Ian and Francesca at the museum and Ian not able to wait any longer to have her.

“I thought I could wait. I can’t,” he muttered, and she heard the harsh regret in his tone. He looked into her face as his hands caressed her thighs and hips, and she felt herself heating the cool marble. “If I don’t taste you now, I think I’ll die. And if I taste you, I won’t be able to stop. I’m going to have to fuck you here and now.”

After waiting for so long we finally get to see the pair give into to each other. As expected, the scene was explosive and hot. What I didn’t expect was what happened at the end. We got to see a moment of true feeling from Ian. True fear, almost, when he pulls out of Francesca at the last-minute even though he was protected. He is so scared of creating a child with her that he left her. I can’t help but wonder if this was foreshadowing?

For the most part this section of the book was about them consummating their relationship. In several ways and many times. Now normally this would be one of my favorite parts of the book. Yes, I have a bit of pervy in me. But it wasn’t this time. I have been so enthralled by the give and take between Ian and Francesca, the psychological aspect of what they are developing, that I was almost wanting the sex to be over so we could get back to that part. Ian is a pretty complicated man and he is struggling. He is so much more in control when it comes to the sexual aspect and I want him to be out of control. I want to see him fight as a mere mortal. Weird, maybe…but I can’t help it.

This was still a very good installment (smokin’ hot) and I look forward to what comes next! So stay tuned!

Favorite Quote:

“You’re not going to try to and teach me anymore….try to convince me it’s your way or the highway?” she asked, unable to keep a smile from pulling at the corners of her mouth.

He glanced over his shoulder. She saw the flash in his blue eyes that reminded her of heat lightning-like a storm brewing and mounting in the distance. Her smile faded. When would she learn to keep her big mouth shut?

“The day isn’t over yet, Francesca,” he said, his voice a low, caressing menace, before he turned and walked out of the room.