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My Liege of Dark Haven - Cherise Sinclair Abby and Xavier

Absolutely loved this book. Sincalir is the master (heh) at writing BDSM.

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My Liege of Dark Haven is about the owner of the Dark Haven club. Previous books have also been written as a compilation with Belinda McBride and Sierra Cartwright. At the beginning of the book Cherise Sinclair has a foreword:

A big thank-you to Belinda McBride and Sierra Cartwright, who started the Dark Haven odyssey with me and generously said that I owned Master Xavier. (I explained that to him- it didn’t go over well.)

Xavier Leduc has shied away from a serious relationship ever since his wife died. She had started as his slave but that quickly developed into love. He has had a hole in his heart ever since and has no deserve to see it filled. Over time, the memory of his wife has become harder and harder to hold on to. To keep himself from become too serious over one person he spreads himself out. He is very well-known for having several women at a time- a slave in training at home, a sub at the club and eye candy to take out to social events. Every sub at the club wants to be topped by Xavier but he never takes one to keep.

Abigail Berns is under the gun to be published. Recent cutbacks at her university have forced her to find a way to get something written and get it written fast. She has an interest in BDSM because her boyfriend, Nathan, has tried it on her several times. Each time they make the attempt she freezes up and he gets angry at her. She thinks that if she learns more about the culture maybe she will be able to provide him with what he needs. He has taken a teacher position elsewhere for the summer so this is her opportunity to write her paper and learn at the same time.

When Abby first arrives at Dark Haven she is dismayed to find she either has to be a member or sponsored by a member to get in to the club. After the current receptionist quits her job, for not being allowed personal time with Xavier, Abby is hired on to replace her. Being a school teacher makes Abby an orginization freak and perfect for the job. Plus it allows her to wave the fees and get entrance to the club immediately. What she doesn’t know is that the receptionist is also used as a fill in for certain scenes and demonstrations.

Xavier is surprised to see a new receptionist and a very appealing one. After running through a demonstration on the proper use of nipple clamps he sits down to talk to her. He quickly learns that he is drawn to her. She is extremely smart but new to the lifestyle. He tells himself to stay away but that doesn’t work as he can’t help but step in when she is around.

First, let me get my fangirl moment out of the way. I LOVE Cherise Sinclair’s writing. With this book, I now have 12 of her books on my kindle. 12 books and with each one I wonder how she comes up with this stuff. Everything is new, fresh and oh so clever. Each time I read a book of hers I feel like it is the first one. Some authors have a pattern that can get to be old when you have read so many books from them. Not with Ms. Sinclair. Each book is different.

Her characters are extremely likable. Xavier is a man who doesn’t want extra emotions but he isn’t tortured or angsty about it. He is very solid, sexy and dominant. He never promises a woman something he is not willing to give. I love the calmness he displayed in this book. When he realized his feelings were very strong for Abby he didn’t fight them or deny them. He was always honest to himself and her.

Abby was a very interesting and appealing character also. She is a total brainiac. She had her doctorate at 22 and has always been smarter than most people. In order to distance herself from scenes she falls back into her own head and keeps her focus there. She treats everything with a clinical-like eye which keeps her from becoming emotionally involved with what is actually happening to her. Xavier is forced to work extra hard to engage her. I really didn’t mind that because Xavier working extra hard is extra yummy.

Abby has difficulty expressing her emotions because of childhood trauma. It wasn’t anything to brutal but it left a lasting impression on her. Also Abby has a step-sister that is a total bitch. She has slept with many of Abby’s boyfriends and never loses the opportunity to make a comment about Abby’s weight.

There are two major conflicts in the book one being that Abby is in the club under the pretense of learning BDSM but she is really studying everyone for her paper. When that information is revealed everyone is angry and betrayed. In order to make amends Abby must take two separate punishments from everyone in the club. The punishments are brutal and a bit painful to read. What I liked about them was that it wasn’t just hard for Abby, Xavier was equally punished by watching what she had to endure. It was at that point where we knew Xavier was fully involved with Abby it she wasn’t just one of his many women. The betrayal is made less by the fact that Abby was only studying their family like dynamics in order to portray the culture in a better light.

The second conflict involves Abby’s sister and is very painful to read. Abby is hurt very badly and Xavier is left to make some serious amends.

My review wouldn’t be complete without talking about the sex. The best. The hottest. The most creative. That is all.

As with all other Cherise Sinclair books I absolutely loved this one. If you are looking for classy BDSM author there is no one better than Ms. Sinclair. She writes about as true to the lifestyle as what I can tell and she is extremely knowledgable. I highly recommend this book and any of her other books to everyone looking for good erotic romance stories.

Favorite Quote:

When he was deep inside her, joined in the most intimate way possible, he reached up and cupped her cheek. Even as she realized his gaze hadn’t once moved from her face, he softly said, “I see you , Abby. Never think otherwise.”