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One Wrong Move - Shannon McKenna Nina and Aaro

Good installment to this series. Aaro has a dirty mouth. Me likey.

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Right before I started One Wrong Move I got an email from fellow FV reviewer, Amy, asking about the book. She said Mandi had told her the hero was a dirty talker. Of course this peaked my interest. I quickly found out that Aaro is a dirty thinker AND talker, to the extreme. I lurve him.

“If we play now, then when I get you to the hotel room, you’ll be ready,” he said. “What I want requires a locked door, a whole lot of girl lube, and ideally, sound proof walls, though its probably too much to hope from a mid-range hotel. And after a few hours of what I’ve got in mind, you won’t be accusing me of altruism anymore.”

She blinked at him, intimidated. “Um. That sounds alarming.”

“It’ll be awesome. But it’ll be very mutual. I’m a calculating, selfish dickhead, but I do excel in a few things. One is kicking asses. The other I can demonstrate to you right now. Say the word.”

Since I could spend all day quoting Alex, I should probably stop and tell you a little about the book too. On her way to work one day, Nina Christie, is stopped by a family friend who is in some trouble. While trying to figure out what the problem is Nina is stabbed with a syringe and injected with a drug. She does not know what the drug is and because her friend is speaking in another language she has no way to find out. She called 911 when she first saw her friend so she has a recording, she just needs someone to translate it.

Enter Alex Aaro. He is in New York to visit his dying Aunt Tonya. He is long estranged from his family to the point where he has a new identity so they will never find him. By being in New York he is taking a huge chance that they will finally pull him back in. When Bruno, a friend and hero from a previous McKenna book, calls him and asks him to translate the 911 call he says no. He owes Bruno a huge favor so maybe once he is done seeing his aunt he will look Nina up and translate then.

Things quickly go to hell in a handbasket when Nina is accosted at the hospital by zombies, ok they are not real zombies but whatever she was injected with has caused her to think they are. They are really people who are trying to get Nina’s family friend and find out what she has done with the serum she injected Nina with. The serum is something that will cause psi powers in the person who takes it. Nina’s family friend is the only person who can make the serum and they need her back. She has created a max version of the drug and they want it. It has proven to be more powerful than anything she has created before and allows the user to not need a constant re-dose.

Aaro finally hooks up with Nina when she on the run. They translate the call and find out that it is a binary serum meaning Nina was given dose A and will need dose B within several days otherwise she will lose her mind. Aaro is determined not to be involved with this cluster and wants to dump her off with Bruno’s protective guard. That isn’t how it works out and Nina and Aaro on on the run, fighting for their lives, together.

The psi part of the book was a little off, for me. Both the H/h have their own abilities on top of the ones that Nina has developed with the drug. Aaro has spent his life denying the abilities and Nina knows she has some but doesn’t necessarily know why they work. Aaro’s father has a very strong psi ability that made me wonder if we will see him/them in another book.

I loved the H/h in this book. Nina is facing certain death but she doesn’t whine or cry about it. She is pretty strong and gives Aaro grief any chance she can get. Aaro is a jackass and pretty unapologetic about it. After they have sex for the first time he freaks out and Nina bitch slaps him back into shape by having sex with him again. The whole scene is quite comical. Nina has a handle on how to manage Aaro which is something it doesn’t seem that even Aaro knows how to do.

Like I mentioned about Aaro has a filthy mouth and filthy mind. It is great. Ms McKenna did a fabulous job writing Aaro. He should have been unlikable but he was the exact opposite. His jerkiness made me like him more.

The plot is neat and tidy in that Aaro’s family is also involved in the psi part. As with all Ms. McKenna’s books there is heart stopping action to the end. You are left wondering how things can possibly work out, but they do. To be honest, I read this book for Aaro and Nina. The plot was an interesting side bit and was fast-moving, but it wasn’t what held my main interest. These two characters are worth the book and their sex scenes are really worth the book! I encourage everyone to read One Wrong Move! The book is part of a larger series, The McClouds, but you don’t need to have read any of the others to get this one. It is a stand-alone. I would say that if you are looking for fast-paced, hot romantic suspense though, go back and read this series. Final grade- B

Favorite Quotes:

He’d just pretend this was normal. Gunfights, pulling zaftig naked girls with bouncing tits out of closets. No biggie. All in a day’s work. Nina Christie did not need his engorged prick bobbing hopefully in her direction. She needed a hot cup of tea, a shot of Demerol, a trauma therapist. A police escort.

Bummer for her. All she had was him.


“Shhhh.” He spun, scanning the area. “Shit,” he muttered.

“What?” She twirled too, but heard nothing and saw nothing.

“They’re watching us,” he said. “They’ll follow.”

She looked around wildly. “But where? I don’t see-”

“Me either,” he said. ” I feel them. They make my balls itch.”

“Oh,” she said inanely. “Must be nice to have an early warning system. Are you sure it’s not just a fungus?”