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The Pleasures of Winter - Evie Hunter Abbie and Jack

It was ok. Not horrible but it didn't blow me away Full review to come on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

Abbie Marshall needs a quick way to get out of Honduras and all the commercial flights are booked. Her editor is able to get her on a charter plane if she agrees to interview celebrity Jack Winter. Because of the controversial matter of her current article and the fact that she has to get out fast she jumps at the flight even if it means doing a fluff piece like celebrity gossip.

Once on the plane she quickly realizes that Jack is no fluff piece. His charisma and darkness draw her like no other man has ever done. She has a fiancée back home but he is no comparison to the enigmatic Jack Winter. When she tries to do the interview with him he shuts her down because he is tired and has no desire to talk. Plus Jack thinks that Abbie needs to be taught a little lesson about respect and he is all about teaching lessons.

Several minutes in to the flight Jack realizes that something is wrong. He enters the cockpit to find the pilot having a heart attack. Jack has minor flight training so he is able to crash-land the plane but they are still stuck in the middle of a rain forest with no quick way out.

Eventually Jack, Abbie and company make it back to civilization and move on with their lives. Abbie and Jack cannot stop thinking about the other though and they find their way back to each other. With the signing of the BDSM contract they enter into a relationship with no limits.

The first 25% of the book had me rolling my eyes in disgust. Abbie was the epitome of TSTL. Every action she took made me want to punch her. She was dumb just for the sake of being dumb. I don’t know if it was the author’s way of arousing Jack’s dominant instincts or if Abbie just annoyed me? All I know is that after 25% the characters were not growing on me and I wasn’t sure I would enjoy the rest of the book.

Once they were back in civilization the book turned around for me. The online communication between Jack and Abbie was very well done. It was hot and got me right back into the book. And it was only around the 50% mark where Abbie found out it was Jack she was talking to. I like that the author did not string us along with the main characters not knowing about each other.

I did have several other issues with the book though. Abbie starts her D/s quest looking for revenge on Jack. Once she meets her online buddy, who is Jack though she doesn’t know it, there is never really a mention of that revenge again. When the story about Jack comes to light he immediately assumes it was her that spilled everything even after running into his vindictive acquaintance the night before. Abbie and Jack has shared an incredible night together and he automatically assumes betrayal from her side. I never got why he jumped all over that. And really so what that it got out? If we are being honest, that is all the rage these days. What was the huge deal such that it would destroy his career?

Also the suspense plot with the people from Honduras was kind of a not needed add on. I was more interested in what was happening between Jack and Abbie than those Honduras people. I know the plot needed a reason for her to be in Honduras but I think the rest of the story could have carried itself without the extra suspense. Jack and Abbie plus their issues was enough for me without the addition of a superfluous bad guy.

Finally I thought the ending was a little abrupt and I didn’t like how Abbie chased Jack instead of the other way around. That is just my feeling though. I am big on the epilogue and if there isn’t a second book for this couple I wanted more sappiness and more HEA to feel the closure. I kind of felt like I was left hanging. Give me babies and wedding rings any day. Hopefully there will be a second books so I can have my closure.

Several times during the book Jack refers to himself as dark BDSM but I didn’t really see too much of that. I don’t think they ever went past heavier light BDSM, if that makes sense. Abbie is definitely more vanilla and it was good to see Jack push her. The sex was hot and worth the page time. I think Jack is pretty yummy and would have liked to see him let loose some more. But what we did get was pretty smokin’. I have no complaints with those parts of the book.

Overall, it was an ok book. It didn’t blow me away but I liked it enough to look for more from this author. I sincerely hope we get another book with Abbie and Jack. I don’t feel like their story was finished. Final grade- C+

Favorite Quote:

”Stop glaring,” he told her. “You’ve got a face like a slapped arse when you do that.”

Rating: C+
The Pleasures of Winter by Evie Hunter
November 1st 2012 by Penguin Ireland