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Addicted - Charlotte Stein Kit and Dillon
4.5 stars

My, oh my, can Charlotte Stein write. Full review on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

After all, what do I know about sex? Nothing. Less than nothing. Every sexual encounter I’ve ever had has occurred beneath the sheets, under a double layer or darkness. Once I started kissing some guy’s elbow, thinking I’d found his cock.

And as for the pleasure I’ve just described to her, in my twisted take of kinky delights…Well, I guess that’s disingenuous of me, at best. I should have written: Sex for her was sort of like being vaccinated, by a big pink finger.

First I would like to stand up and applaud Ms. Stein for her astounding ability to write some of the filthiest, edgiest, most sexually charged scenes that I have ever read. This was only my second book by Ms. Stein, the first being Deep Desires, but I adore her voice and her way with words. Once I start one of her books, I will beat down anyone that dares interrupt me.

Kit Connor has written an erotic novel. When the novel is laughed at by her friend she decides to attend a sexual healing class in hopes of improving the book. At the sexual healing class she meets Dillon Holt. In her eyes, Dillon is perfect. He is hot, he is a sex god, he can do no wrong. Each member of the class is asked to explain why there are there and Dillon tells a story of such excess that Kit is immediately turned on and drawn to him.

“I’ll say it right now- I love eating pussy. I could eat pussy all day every day until the end of time, just to get a girl all flushed the way she gets, and hear those little soft, desperate moans or maybe even the loud, aggressive ones…I don’t mind. Pull my hair, call me names, sit on my face, I’ll take it and come back for more, I swear I- ”

He cuts himself off here, bit it’s fairly obvious why. It’s kind of like seeing someone wave a beer around at a meeting of alcoholics anonymous.


“But obviously I realise the detrimental effect this unhealthy pussy-eating obsession has on my psyche.”

He doesn’t realize that at all, and we know it.

When it comes to her turn, Kit makes something up just wanting her turn to be over. After the meeting Dillon finds Kit and calls her bluff on her confession. She tells him she is writing a dirty book and she was doing research to which Dillon volunteers to tell her all his stories, all in the name of research, of course. Their first “research” session has Dillon telling Kit about losing his virginity and then demonstrating part of what happened. Kit freaks out and leaves Dillon’s house only to realize that he has taken her novel out of her purse. She returns to his house the next day to find that not only has he read her novel but he wants to act it all out.

I am telling you there were some scenes, like the one where Dillon describes his first time, where I was almost tripping over myself to read the words faster. I had to force myself not to jump paragraphs ahead just to see what he was going to say next. Ms. Stein, and Dillon by extension, had me completely enthralled with every word that came out of his mouth. I felt like I was part of the scene; like I was the one Dillon was telling the story to.

What made this book so lovely was that intermingled with the amazing sex we see the hopes and fears of Kit and through Kit the almost desperation of Dillon. For about 75% of the book we follow Kit and Dillon acting out certain chapters of her book. But eventually their connection becomes more than just chapter based. Kit falls in love with Dillon but he is so closed off from her. He will not share anything of his past or what makes him the way he is. While this worked for the book that Kit wrote, in real life she is increasingly frustrated with the lack of emotion or at least the lack of expression of that emotion she knows is there.

Eventually Kit confronts Dillon. I am not going to spoil that scene for you because my heart did a little, oh…when we got Dillon’s explanation for what was happening between them. It wasn’t anything crazy but it also wasn’t something I expected. I love how he explains himself to her. It was perfect.

Overall, this was a really great book. Ms. Stein has a way of allowing us to follow the heroine’s every thought but not such that we get bogged down in dumb details. Everything flows so beautifully. The sex here was off the charts, I loved the storyline and really understood the characters. The one thing I have to say about her books is that so far I have considered hunting her down to beg her to write sequels to each of the stories. I don’t think I got enough of Kit and Dillon. Final grade- A-

Favorite Quote:

“It feels like you dropped your nightstick down your pants.”

“Oh, so that is where that went.”

“I’m not kidding. Is this all of you? Because if so, I think I may need to rethink a few things. I may need to rethink the shape and depth of my vagina.”