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Fall Into You (Loving On The Edge, #3) - Roni Loren Charli and Grant
4.5 stars

Really enjoyed this one. Emotional depth, hot sex and a great connection. Full review on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

Fall Into You is the third full length novel in Ms. Loren’s Loving On the Edge series. The book features the long-awaited, at least by me, story of Grant Waters. Grant owns “The Ranch” a BDSM resort/vineyard. He is also an ex CIA agent. Color me interested about this yummy, aloof man we had been introduced to in previous books. There was always something about him that made me want his story and in Fall Into You I found out what that was.

Grant hasn’t taken a trainee in many months. Things had become old and stale. He has stopped even doing scenes at his own club. One night he hears a car accident outside his ranch and runs to help the victim. He comes upon Charli Beaumonde hurt and dazed. After an introduction he realizes that Charli is the sister of a close military buddy, one who took a bullet for him. He is greatly attracted to her but gets no submissive vibes and she is his friend’s sister. He might have been able to get past his friend but he knows his own desires and he cannot have a vanilla relationship. He has specific, hardcore tastes that would not match very well with Charli and her stubbornness.

Charli-freaking-Beaumode. He’d been on the verge of asking her out–a stupid move in the first place because he didn’t mess with women who weren’t part of the scene. That was setting up disaster from step one. Nothing like springing on a vanilla person– Hey, I’m a dominant and a sexual sadist. Oh, and I run a BDSM resort where I have submissives offering themselves to me daily. Yeah, fun conversation.

Charli is tired of not being what everyone wants from her. She was never good enough for her mom, her family was too overprotective and now her boss has told her she didn’t get the job she has long coveted. They gave it to a bimbo who might not know anything but she looked good in a tight shirt. After a bit of trouble on her latest story she has agreed to stay at Grant’s ranch under his watch. Grant warns her to stay on her side of the fence but late one night she cannot resist following him. What she finds is way beyond her wildest imaginations but she comes up with the idea that maybe Grant can teach her how to be feminine, how to be that woman who all men want.

“Damn, you’re bullheaded. Didn’t you hear anything I said last night? I can be tough and mean, freckles. I don’t just like to dominate a submissive; I like to

Grant thinks it is a terrible idea but cannot resist her. He agrees to take her on for two weeks instead of the normal month he trains submissives. She can work during the day but then she will be all his.

Fall Into You is part club book and part other. Club books can get old sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good club book for what it is. Most of them are pure sex. But when I have full length novel like this and it has club scenes I want to read more than just the sexual connection. Ms. Loren has provided the sexual connection and so much more with Fall Into You.

Grant has a difficult past that has caused him to refrain from kissing a woman for over ten years. The last person he kissed was his wife and she died in his arms because of a mistake he believes he made. He is emotionally disconnected from all relationships in his life. Watching Grant struggle with his desire to kiss or not kiss Charli was like sitting on the edge of my seat. I knew that kissing would signal so much more for them but it would also take an emotional openness that Grant might not be able to do. I adored Grant for most of this book. His struggle with falling for Charli while still holding on to his wife was a painful thing to read.

Charli was not as adored as Grant but she wasn’t terrible. I have a thing about not liking reporters. Most reporters are portrayed as too stupid for their own good and everything is about the story. Charli has moments of that in the book but they are not overwhelming so I wasn’t turned off by her. I greatly enjoyed her emotional journey also. Charli has always been a tomboy and tough girl but here Grant is the tough one. Here we are shown that Charli can be soft if given the right relationship. Towards the end of the book Charli also showed an emotional intelligence that I think she lacked in the beginning. She knew she was falling for Grant and that he couldn’t give her what she needed. The scene between them when this issue is confronted is heartbreaking and poignant.

I also like how Charli didn’t fall into submission. In some BDSM books the man recognizes the submissive and just needs a scene to bring out her true form. Grant never recognized Charli as a submissive even admitting far into the book how wrong he was about her. We were able to watch the two of them grow into the relationship instead of just being handed that part at the beginning.

Overall, this was a very good book and the best of the series. I was really impressed with the combination of emotional growth and sexual heat that we were given. Everything flowed together so well and was 100% believable. For fans of Cherise Sinclair, I would highly recommend picking up this book. Final grade- A-

Favorite Quote:

This all had to be some bizarre nightmare, right? Dancing orangutans would twirl thought the room anytime now. But of course when she opened her eyes again, Grant’s hand was still on her shoulder, And she was still in the middle of some odd How to Be a Sex Slave class.