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One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost Cat and Bones

Love, love, love my Cat and Bones. I don't care if this book (and it seems the series) has lost the "heat" the first couple of books had. I was very happy to see that Cat had learned her lesson about going off without Bones. I loved to see how they are together as a strong unit, finally. Bones keeps adding powers as we go along. Becoming co-ruler of Mencheres line seems to have given him all kinds of interesting things. I like it.

Don being a ghost still and hanging around is quite interesting. I am curious to see how the Madigan thing will play out. That dude is pretty annoying. I really wanted Bones to off him. We didn't get to see much of Tate, Juan and the group in this one. Ian was classic, as always. And I loved how Spade/Denise also played a big role in this one. Only a small mention of Mencheres/Kira.

Audio reread May 2013