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Kiss of Snow - Nalini Singh I really liked it. I did give the book 5 stars because it is Nalini and frankly I would rather read her books than about 98% of all others. With that said, it wasn't my favorite of the series and I really wanted it to be.

Hawke/Sienna almost seemed secondary with everything else that was going on. I still liked following them, talk about a build up of tension between the two, but it didn't feel like they were the main focus for the book. I think Singh found the only way that Sienna would not be overloaded. I was entranced reading how she punched through Hawke's mind to keep the people he loved safe. I loved the end where everyone was drunk on Sienna's energy. That was pretty comical. I must say that I am beyond happy they found a way to complete the mate bond. I would have been pretty upset if that didn't happen.

Judd has always been a special favorite of mine too. I wish she would have showed more of Judd/Brenna together though.

As with most of the Psy/Changleing books I was left with more questions than answers. I like that we got to see some of Vasic and Aden. When Judd was talking to Aden he said that he knew which side the Arrows would fall on. Do you think that is the non-Silence side? I still don't know who the Ghost is. Theories? I don't think it is Kaleb because something happened (that I can't pick out of my brain right now) to make me think it isn't him. But then it could be because something is keeping the Ghost grounded and Kaleb is still searching for that person, whoever that is.

The parts with Nikita were great. When Sasha sent her the picture of Naya I might have squeezed a tear out.

So who is next? Matthias? Was he developed enough? ***update***

Nalini's news letter and it contained the following:

Exclusive Extra: The Next Psy/Changeling Stories
I'm happy to announce that the next Psy/Changeling book will be coming out June 2012 (tentative date).

The book will feature SnowDancer Lieutenant, Riaz, and a fellow SnowDancer you met in Play of Passion. Her name? Adria. Yes, there will be fireworks!

I have a feeling the Arrow, Aden, will play a strong role in this story, as will Councilor Kaleb Krychek. More info to come as I get further into the book.


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