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Hotter Than Ever - Elle Kennedy Claire and Aidan/Dylan

Another hot one by Ms. Kennedy. Yum, yum. Full review on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

My first Elle Kennedy experience was the straight guy bj scene in Feeling Hot. That scene alone won Ms. Kennedy a reader for life, however when I found out Hotter than Ever was Dylan’s, one of the participants in the straight guy bj, book I was pretty excited.

Claire has been left at the altar by Dylan’s brother and though there is no love lost between the two of them Dylan feels bad enough to offer up a rescue. He takes her to his apartment so she can spend some time away from all the gossip and heartache at home. He has one small problem though, his roommate and lover, does not know he is about to show up with Claire in tow.

Several months ago Claire witnesses a heated moment between Aidan and Dylan but they agreed to keep it secret. When she arrives at their place she is very surprised to find Aidan giving her some smoking hot looks. She is confused and not sure what is going on but will roll with it because she won’t be there for long. She and Dylan dislike each other enough that she will only stay for a couple of days before going back home to confront her life.

Aidan and Dylan have a rather complicated relationship. They are lovers but nobody knows. They cannot seem to go without a woman though. No matter how hard they try they always seem to run across the fact that they eventually want a woman to share stuff also. Aidan wants that woman to be Claire so he forces Dylan to face what it is they don’t like about each other. Dylan and Claire smooth out their differences but when the guys ask Claire if she wants to join them, she says no because she is sure she isn’t that kind of girl. Eventually, she gives in (because what fun would this story be if she didn’t? J) and the three start to form a tentative relationship.

Time passes and things are going smoothly but then Dylan’s brother ruins it all. We already knew the guy was a total jacknut because he left her at the altar but he pulls some stuff that really solidifies those feelings. My major frustration with this book was the he pretty much ruined everything about Claire’s life and there was no retaliation. Even the face to face confrontation we got was unsatisfying. I wanted this dude to roast and we had to settle with the threesome being happy as the ultimate revenge. Yes, I was glad they were happy but I was not glad the loser got away with everything he did.

I am a big fan of m/m/f ménages. They are the ones that work better for me because it is three people playing an equal part in the relationship. I probably would have been most happy with just Aidan and Dylan but adding Claire didn’t take too much away from the story.

Overall, this was a fun, hot book. The sex is pretty banging. I give it two serious thumbs up. We get to see a lot of all the previous couples and I look forward to see these three in future books to see how things are working out for them. Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

“The undies stay on, huh? I guess putting yourself on display isn’t as liberating as you thought, is it?”

“I’m keeping these on for your sake, not mine.” He smirked. “Because the second you see my cock, you’ll get all weak-kneed and distracted. Probably applaud for a couple of minutes, too- that’s a common response I get from the ladies.”

She burst out laughing. “Someone thinks highly of himself.”

“Oh I think very highly of my dick, honey,” he said solemnly. “And with good reason. Fuck Helen of Troy- bigger wars have been fought over my cock.”