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Another winner by Ms. Stein. I love her voice and tone. And nobody can out dirty Charlotte Stein. It is a gift. Full review on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

Review: Run to You by Charlotte Stein
July 30, 2013 By Jen 1 Comment
Alissa Layton leads a dull and ordinary life, safe in routines, with no plans to escape. But when she meets businessman, Janos Kovacs, and is introduced to his kinky lifestyle, Alissa’s entire world changes…

When Alissa finds the diary of her friend and see the word “Assignation’ written in red she must answer to that word. Her friend has left her for an exotic vacation and she has nothing but her colorless, empty world to muddle around in.

“I have a sensible job at a sensible company, and every night I eat sensible meals in my sensible flat, before retiring at a sensible hour.

The red word speaks of something she has to be a part of, so she does. She goes to the place where the meet would be, she finds the room, but then chickens out. When she hears someone coming she hides in the closet. From her place in the closet she can see a beautiful man, one that she ran into in the lobby, and she doesn’t dare step out. She is not the sort of person he would go for. She is too messy, clumsy and inept. She waits until he leaves but when she crawls out of her hiding spot she is shocked to see a business card with the words:

“To the girl in the wardrobe” “Call me”

Run To You has two very different parts. For the first half of the book, Alissa is the one doing to the pursuing. Yes, Janos called her bluff by contacting her but he only knew who she was because she had already made the effort. She called his number several times and hung up but that left her callback number for him to see. Janos is very emotionally closed off and cannot handle the depth of feelings that he is experiencing around Alissa. Thus we see him walking away, we see him putting up walls, we see him struggle with things he really wants but has never had. Baby step by baby step Alissa pulls him out of his comfort zone but once he is out, he is all in with their relationship.

Around the time Janos gives in to Alissa, she has a her freak out. A real date with Janos means she is in his world, with his fancy people, his stunning home and cultured everything. That is so not her and she doesn’t think she will ever fit in. Alissa doesn’t even know if she wants to fit in. Fitting in means changing who she is and she likes that person, she doesn’t want to change. It is up to Janos to convince her that she is not that different and if she is, so what? Different is good for him. Different brought him out of his shell for the first time.

“You already know why- you just refuse to hear it. I could say “because you are different” a thousand times and in a thousand different ways, and I doubt you’d listen. To you, difference from some elegant ideal is wrong, and unappetising. but to me…to me your differences are a delight. They fill my life with the unexpected.”

There is something about the words that Ms. Stein puts on a page that makes them different, for me. They are simple sentences and phrases but they are so loaded when I read them. They are sexy, dirty even filthy most of the time, and they have me riveted to the story. She has a way of placing me in her heroines head and forcing me to feel what she is feeling, to agonized over the choices she makes and the words she speaks. Everything comes across as so suspenseful, like I need to hold my breath for fear of what will come next…but this isn’t suspense. It is only the story of Alissa and Janos. Only about them meeting, being stripped bare and then falling for each other. The writing is just that dramatic and compelling that I feel like it was so much more when in reality it is just a simple love story.

As with pretty much all of Ms. Stein’s books, this one kept me up late. Once I started, it demanded that I finish. It is dirty, sweet, heartfelt and full of awesome. Now to count days until her next release. Heh. Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

“Hope is the thing that keeps you going when everything is awful and dark and you didn’t know which way to turn.”