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Sweet Young Thang - Anne Tenino Collin and Eric

I really enjoy this series. I also like the glimpse of Sebastian. He makes me happy. :) Full review to come on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

I read Frat Boy and Toppy a couple of months ago and loved it. I waited so long to pick it up because it has such a silly title. Sweet Young Thang has an equally silly title, and cover, but I learned that Ms. Tenino can write the heck out of story so this time I didn’t hesitate to pick up the book.

Sweet Young Thang is the story of Collin, the frat brother who jumped Brad, from Frat Boy and Toppy, in the shower. He gave Brad a blow job kind of against Brad’s wishes because Brad had recently started dating Sebastian. Like Brad, Collin is stuck in a fraternity where he is gay and cannot tell anyone. His uncle, the man who raised him, is the alumni president and not very accepting of most things so Collin has never told him that he is gay.

Theta Alpha Gamma has recently changed their acceptance policy to allow gay and bisexual students to join. They were always allowed in but now it is more of an open acceptance program. The alumni association was very against the policy and Collin’s uncle has made his displeasure known. He is willing to give the new policy a try but they are on a short leash.

Unfortunately, it seems that someone is not happy about the new policy and tried to blow up the frat house. Everyone was out before any major damage is done but now the police have a mystery on their hands trying to figure out why a water heater was rigged, then taken and a bomb placed there also. Nothing makes sense and everything is weighing on Collin’s shoulders.

Eric is a paramedic/firefighter that arrives at the house to see to the one victim of the fire. There he meets Collin. At first he thinks he is crazy because Collin is 15 years younger than him. His last boyfriend described him as domesticated and that would not be a good thing for a 21-year-old just coming out of college and in the prime of his life. He can’t resist seeking Collin out though and their first time is explosive. There are so many things that stand between Collin and Eric being together; Collin’s uncle, the investigation, their age difference, and the fact that Collin isn’t fully out. Eric knows that he could fall in love with Collin and wonders if he should stay away or jump right in and risk heartbreak.

Frat Boy and Toppy was humorous and sexy while Sweet Young Thang has a less lighter tone to it. This book deals more with the anxiety that Collin has with people finding out he is gay. As like when Brad came out to the frat, Collin coming out is pretty hysterical. It seems that everyone else already knew he was gay and he had been stressing over nothing. The part with his uncle though wasn’t humorous. I didn’t really care for his uncle and the way he tried to run Collin’s life. Collin had really difficulty with not wanting to disappoint the man who raised him and because of that he hid what he was for so long.

Collin and Eric are very sweet together. Eric is a big, teddy bear when it comes to Collin. He is a place of safety and sanctuary. It is lovely to see Collin relax and be happy when he is around Eric. I thought they were perfect for each other and the 15 year age difference never once bothered me as Collin never acted like a 21-year-old normally would.

Sweet Young Thang was a really enjoyable book. We were able to see Sebastian and Brad again which was good because I have been wanting more of them. I want to see a long-term HEA for them. Sebastian has really stuck in mind and intrigues me greatly. I wouldn’t mind seeing a novella for them….ahem. Enough of that though. Ms. Tenino has penned another winner in this series and fans of her work will not be disappointed! Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

Collin didn’t need any help with getting hard; furry legs were his special weakness-almost nothing turned him on more. Nothing except hairy asses and thick dicks.

He massaged Eric’s butt cheeks, letting the curls there tickle his palms and squirmed just enough to feel Eric’s chest pelt against his skin. He’d entered some kind of hirsute, erotic paradise.