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The Law of Attraction - N.M.  Silber Gabrielle and Braden

How did I not know this was book 1 of 2? Darnit!! Full review on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

Gabrielle Ginsberg is a public defender and Braden Pierce is an ADA. The two spend a lot of time together facing off in the courtroom. Away from the courtroom their lives couldn’t be more opposite. Braden is a manwhore and Gabrielle is on a slight dating/sex draught. Gabrielle has always been attracted to Braden but she wants more than a one night stand and she has never seen him do anything but the one night stand.

One night after work something brings out the feisty in Gabrielle and she gives Braden some sass. He is immediately intrigued and offers to take it away from the bar they are currently in. Gabrielle says no and that if he wants her he has to take her to dinner, take her on some real dates. She is pretty sure that will be the end of it because Braden doesn’t date. Everyone is surprised when he offers up four dates and promises to not touch her until at least the third. Once that first date happens, Braden and Gabrielle don’t look back.

There are almost two parts to this book. You have the first part where Braden and Gabrielle do the mating dance. This part is sexy, fun and keeps the reader on the edge. There was sexual tension and flirty banter. The week in court between their negotiation and the first date was the best part of the book.

“I have a confession. I tend to get a lot of adrenaline flowing in court,” he said in a husky voice. “When I’m in court with you, I also tend to get a lot of testosterone flowing. The combination fires up my libido like you wouldn’t believe.”

“I should argue with you more often,” I replied a little breathlessly.

“You argue with me all the time. We’re lawyers. And you’ve been driving me crazy for quite a while now. If we hadn’t started dating I probably would have banged half the women in this courthouse.”

“I thought you had banged half the women in this courthouse.”

“Okay, the other half.”

Then there is everything after that first date. I still really enjoyed the rest of the book but it felt like it lost something once they hooked up. For such an admitted womanizer, Braden turned into a pussy cat. It is one thing for a rake to fall hard but he went belly up.

“Oh, Gabrielle!” He groaned. “I come so hard with you.”

When his friends made a bet about Braden and Gabrielle getting married, right in front of them, on only their first date, and Braden didn’t even blink…well I didn’t buy the quick transformation. They also got a dog together and Braden was referring to himself as daddy and Gabrielle as mommy. The humor of the first half of the book is still there but some of that spark and zing is lost.

Ms. Silber is a former criminal defense attorney and the procedural part of the book seems to flow well. It doesn’t overwhelm the story or bog it down with boring details. The case stories she came up with are hysterical and I wonder how many of them are from real life experience. If any of them are, then I am in the wrong line of work because they are entertaining. Both Gabrielle and Braden are trust fund babies so the work they do is strictly done because they enjoy it. Their enjoyment of the cases and the arguing that comes with them really adds to the storyline. I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to tackle next.

There is a minor suspense plot thrown in the book which will carry over to book 2 as the mystery was not solved. It isn’t anything dramatic or out there but something else for the H/h to have fun with. The whodunit isn’t obvious as all of their sleuthing blows up towards the end of the book.

From what I can see this is her debut book. I am pretty impressed by what I have seen so far and I can’t wait until the second book is available. The Law of Attraction has some great lol moments and stars a very sweet and fun couple. Fans of Julie James should really look into this one. Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

He was the first guy I had been with who had a six-pack that didn’t say Budweiser on it.


“I might do something rash?! You went to a fucking orgy dressed like the fifth member of KISS!”